Les Spilus de Guyane (Coleoptera, Elateridae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2016
Journal:In: Touroult, J. (coord.). Contribution à l'étude des Coléoptères de Guyane. Supplément au Bulletin de liaison d'ACOREP-France « Le Coléoptériste »
Start Page:34

The genus Spilus Candèze, 1859 which was described in the Monographie des Élatérides as belonging to Dicrepiidites subtribe is now included in the subfamily Elaterinae, subtribe Dicrepidiina. It comprises eight neotropical and one african species. In said subtribe, Spilus gen. is principally characterized by vertically structured, mesosternal cavity sides at right angle with mesosternum. Up to now, only two Spilus species had been mentionned from French Guiana. Based on large faunistic surveys over the last few years, eleven Spilus species have been collected there, nine of which being described as new taxa in this paper: Spilus candezei sp. nov., Spilus longicornis sp. nov., Spilus guyanensis sp. nov., Spilus serraticornis sp. nov., Spilus rourensis sp. nov., Spilus mitarakensis sp. nov., Spilus saulensis sp. nov., Spilus nigriceps sp. nov. and Spilus rubriceps sp. nov. All species known from French Guiana are illustrated. A lectotype is designated for each of the following species: Spilus nitidus Candèze, 1859, Spilus atractomorphus Candèze, 1859, Spilus laevigatus Candèze, 1859, Spilus nigricans Candèze, 1896 and Spilus crassus Candèze, 1900.

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