Trois nouvelles espèces guyanaise du genre Prasmodon Nixon, 1965 lors de la révision de ce genre Néotropical

Une révision du genre Néotropical Prasmodon Nixon, 1965 (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Microgastrinae)  (Journal of Hymenoptera research, 37(2014): 1-52) a permis la description de 16 nouvelles espèces dont 3 présentes en Guyane française : Prasmodon erenadupontae Braet & Fernández-Triana, 2014 sp.nov. (Saul) ; Prasmodon nixoni Fernández-Triana & Whitfield, 2014 sp.nov. (Montagne de Kaw) et Prasmodon verhoogdenokus Braet & Fernández-Triana, 2014 sp.nov. (Saul, Kourou). Il y a actuellement 18 espèces connues de la région Néotropicale.

L'article est disponible sur le site du journal. Le résumé en anglais suit:

"The Microgastrinae genus Prasmodon is revised and the following 16 new species are described: erenadupontae and verhoogdenokus (authored by Braet and Fernández-Triana), and almasolisae, aureus, bobpoolei, bobrobbinsi, dondavisi, johnbrowni, masoni, mikepoguei, nixoni, paulgoldsteini, scottmilleri, silvatlanticus, subfuscus, and tijucaensis (authored by Fernández-Triana and Whitfield). The greatest species richness is found in the Amazon basin, but the genus extends throughout the rain forests of Central and South America. Leaf-rolling and webbing caterpillars of Crambidae and Elachistidae are the only known hosts for these parasitoids."

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Submitted by Jose Fernández-... (not verified) on

Hi Yves,
I just came to your Scratchpads site looking for ideas (I am working on one for world species of Microgastrinae) and saw your post about the Prasmodon paper. I am sure that soon we will be able to describe more species of microgastrines from French Guiana. Keep your great work in this Scratchpads site and also studying the amazing diversity of FG!
Bon journée,
Jose, Ottawa

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